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Ready to make multi-6 figures with your high ticket offer, via strategies custom-designed to match your style, values & personal goals?

Let's make it happen together inside

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A high touch strategic consulting + coaching experience for entrepreneurs wanting to grow their dream business beyond their boldest goals, to create your best year yet

Specifically for: • Coaches • Course Creators • Consultants • any service providers who have been seeking the next growth, step but haven’t yet found the support they need!

Emma is a really rare person in the online space who isn’t just teaching the exact things she does in her business, or a “formula” – she helps you create a really thoughtful, individualized business strategy that makes sense for your business. Emma is awesome and if you don’t know her, you should. Her work has truly been empowering and enlightening to me, and it’s completely different than the crusty ass ways people are teaching marketing and biz strategy in other spaces.

Gieselle Allen, Revolutionary Rising

Business + marketing strategy is not one-size-fits-all

How many times have you bought a program

only to realise you were over-sold into a gilded promise that the owner didn’t have the knowledge or experience to deliver on?

How many courses have you joined

thinking they were each the missing piece to help you break out of that frustrating revenue plateau or ‘feast + famine’ you’ve been experiencing . . . only to realise they were teaching yet another marketing ‘paint-by-numbers’ formula?

When you’ve hit 6-figures in your online business, it’s exciting to know how far you’ve come. It's an achievement to celebrate!

Now the game seems to be changing.

Is it my social?
Should I be offering a lower tier program?
Do I need to launch more?
Or do an evergreen webinar?
What if I don’t want to hustle constantly?

Every ‘expert’ and ‘guru’ out there, seems to have a different answer.

When we get drawn in by shiny, neatly packaged step-by-step solutions, we end up frustrated that they don’t fulfill our needs, and left seeking another option, back where we were before.

And often, actually worse off.

the truth is . . .

Worst of all - these 3 issues above - keep you constantly questioning your abilities and comparing yourself to others

slowly but surely reducing your trust in yourself

#awesome, smh

the reality of growing a business is that

What got you to 6 figures, isn’t going to get you to multi-6 figures

As your business grows, your needs are greater:

The thing is though
Once you’ve entered the entrepreneurial matrix . . .

Experienced aligning your work with what brings you joy and satisfaction

Seen the positive transformation on the lives of your clients

Recognised the limitless possibilities available to you

Watched your business grow into an entity that supports your family and has the potential to create a legacy

Realised you can step out into your power, embrace what you offer to the world, and give so much more



So you’re going to need the right tools, and the right support to help you fulfil your truest potential and make bank doing it!

For 6-figure online business owners, that means:

Marketing & Business Strategy

Growth Mindset

Collaborative Support

It also means you need to

Step away from . . .

the cookie cutter tactics, the frustration with social media, the hustle & grind for your money, and feeling that you have to be doing all the things

Instead: build around the transformations you deliver your clients, and the goals you’re working towards - from a place that feels rooted in joy and service . . . and watch as your business blossoms.

Because when you step into your power to align your business with your values and desires, people will want to come join your parade.

Working with Emma had an immediate impact on my business goals.  I was quickly able to connect with a more diverse audience and inspire a wider range of clients to take action and consider working with me. I gained confidence in my message and feel really inspired to share it and share it loudly! Emma is great at having a clear process, but not holding so tightly to it that you can’t clarify your thinking or divert than come right back. I felt 100% safe to just show up as a learner and show up fully and she created space that allowed me to grow in important ways. Emma’s the perfect blend of heart and strategy and showed me how simple strategy can really be. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Emma and her work.

Carrie La Due, Find Your Flow

It sounds great . . .
but how can we make this happen?

Well - instead of twisting our programs and sales methods into carbon copies of the most recent coach we’ve worked with, we can identify how we want our business to look from the inside-out, learn about a range of options which make that possible, and lean into what feels right for us as individuals.

We can create sales processes that align with our business goals, personal goals, and impact goals, so that the strategies we lead with work effectively FOR us, on multiple levels.

And the best part?

You don’t have to know #allthethings.

You just have to want to rewrite the rules of the game.

There is a way to sell more of your programs, courses and services, without spending 24/7 online, sacrificing time with your partner and family, chasing ‘leads’ and filling your calendar with constant calls.

In fact . . . There are hundreds of ways!

Meaning our role is to find the best match for you + the humans you best serve.

welcome to

Logo that says The Empowered Strategy Collective

A high touch consulting + coaching experience where we work together through 10 transformational months to grow your dream business beyond your boldest goals, with strategies custom tailored for you.

What's Involved

This is a 10 month experience centred around the following:

Strategic Consulting • Collaborative Coaching
High Touch Support • In Depth Trainings

Trainings and ‘hot seats’ take place on weekly calls, with weekly Voxer office hours and unlimited community access for brainstorming, problem-solving + support in between strategy sessions.

In addition, our resident mindset coach - Christan Wilson - holds weekly mindset coaching sessions to tackle any internal obstacles that arise as you grow!

Strategy is the CORE of the support we offer inside The Collective

From Offers, Messaging, Content, Sales Processes, Evergreen Sales, Launch Pushes, Organic Social Media, Paid Ads, Email Marketing and Team Additions . . . we touch on pretty much everything!

Where we excel – is in understanding:

  • you
  • what you want to achieve in your business
  • what you want your business to look and feel like
  • the experience you want your clients to have

– and working with you to:

  • first brainstorm
  • then execute
  • and problem-solve along the way

– so that you can:

  • increase your revenue and profit (sometimes by attracting more clients, sometimes by attracting better clients, sometimes by shifting your offers)
  • feel that you have more breathing room
  • tap into your creativity
  • and see even more possibilities to growth further

Multi-six figure leaps are as much about what’s going on inside our minds, the way we see things, the awareness of what’s going on internally, and so many other factors that are about us as individuals navigating the world AND business.

Which is why we have an experienced and highly skilled Mindset Coach – Christan Wilson – holding space and coaching you as you need.

Being in The Collective, you essentially have a high level consultant and master coach in your pocket for the next 10 months!

As a team, we work together to make sure we know the ins and outs of where you’re at, what you’re working on, where you might need more support, when you’re getting stuck in the weeds, and what your patterns look like – all so that we can give you the closest support possible.

We’re invested in your success as much as you are – and we’re here for the whole ride.

Having a pod of entrepreneurs all working towards similar goals, and all uplevelling alongside you, is a key part of  being able to recalibratie and centre back into what you’re capable of at times of joy, and struggle.

Whatever your background, your identity, your sexuality, your culture, the systemic injustices working against you . . .

No matter what experiences you’ve had so far in the world of online business . . .

The Collective community is here to stand by your side and lift you up as you boldly turn the vision of your future into your reality!

And we know that, even with these focused pillars, stepping up to meet your #nextlevel goals requires more than a weekly call.

So we include a fully rounded suite of support for you inside
The Empowered Strategy Collective:


Hey there! I'm Emma 👋

Having consulted hundreds of business owners over the past 10+ years, and worked with some of the most innovative humans in the online marketing space, I’ve both seen and experienced wonderfully expansive approaches, tried-and-tested old faithful methods, and truly alarming (and sometimes harmful) tactics that made me want to shower in Lysol.

I know the elements of your business and marketing other coaches don’t even understand how to address, let alone able to teach on, elements which enable you to expand your understanding of (aka – the things you need to work on #stat).

It’s my strong belief that marketing, sales and business growth shouldn’t have to come from a place of pressure, scarcity or oppression, and that the most impactful strategies creating growth in a way that feels empowered – are all rooted in core values and aligned with personally meaningful goals.

Emma is a marketing strategist extraordinaire. Y’all! I was looking for such a person to help me tighten up my messaging and guide me on where, when, and how to post my content in the most effective way that lets my ideal client know who I am and that I’m here for her!  Lemme tell you! Emma did just that. She was so generous and kind in her guidance. She totally got what I wanted to say and helped me say it in clearer, bolder ways. Yeeeessss!! 🎉 Emma was EXACTLY what I needed, and I am so grateful.  If you need a marketing genius, call Emma TUH-DAY! Thank you again, Emma, for everything!!!

Stephanie Vaught, Social Money Finance

with The Empowered Strategy Collective . . .

I’ve taken my knowledge, experience and insight, paired with a naturally strategic brain, and put together a space designed for entrepreneurs who are looking for strategic consulting and close support, to accelerate their growth, without falling into the ‘shiny solution’ trap, so they can create a sustainable path to increased revenue + impact.

We’ll work with you on connecting to the unique vibrancy of what makes you different within your space, deepening your messaging in a way that takes your values, your skills, your beliefs, your personality and your desires for your clients - to elevate your communication through your content

We’ll discuss approaches that contribute to continued colonialist, imperialist and cis-hetero-patriarchal systems we’re striving to restructure, and seek out ways to address that within how we do business

We’ll highlight ways you may be holding on to tactics that no longer serve you or your audience, and offer alternatives that help you to connect on a deeper level with the humans you work with

We’ll show you how to set up your personalised traffic and conversion system, using social media, email, automations, paid and organic visibility strategies, and guide you through incorporating elements that speak to your heart and delight your potential clients

And then we’ll put all this together - your offers, your messaging, your content, your sales strategy - and craft a business growth system that’s specific to you at every single turn.

Because what’s right for your business journey,
is different for every single person.

Other programs will teach you how to shrink your awesome to fit into their box

We show you how to step into your power + expand

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Imagine what it will feel like when you are . . .

Logo that says The Empowered Strategy Collective

A high touch consulting + coaching experience where we work together through 10 transformational months to grow your dream business beyond your boldest goals, with strategies custom tailored for you.

This is for you if . . .

I have hired strategy help before and no one has come close to Emma. Most strategists have “ways they like to work” and fit you into those formats (5 day challenges, high ticket, low ticket funnel, etc.) Emma really listens and gives you the tailored strategy you need. She packs a lot into the time allotted and over delivers. Stop scrolling and start your session with her.

Amber, Amber Piano

We’re redefining how we approach business strategy in the online space . . .
and you're invited to join us.

Let this day be the final day you have any of those “Where on earth do I go for the support I need to take this business to the next level?” feelings EVER AGAIN. 👀

If you need help with designing and implementing marketing and systems strategies for your business that feel aligned . . .

If you’re looking for strategic advice and help with making decisions around your product + program offerings, funnels, and sales events . . .

If you’re ready for a straight-forward yet supportive, individualised approach to taking inspired action with an empowering digital marketing strategy . . .
If you’d prefer working with a consultant in a small group environment where you won’t be overlooked . . .
Working with Emma solved a two year problem that I had: figuring out exactly what my message is to my ideal client and what I stand for. I had a ton of ideas and thoughts but did not quite know how to concisely express them. Emma solved all of that in 60 minutes flat!!!  The low-med-high strategy was “all that” and eye-opening as well!  Will definitely be using that over and over again!  I could not be happier – I am relieved and I feel confident in my message now. I feel like I now have a way forward on all my platforms to be known for the same consistent message. I could not be happier with the results that I have gotten! Thank you so much!!! I am in your debt!

Gwendolyn Juleus, Position Yourself For Wealth

You’ve come so far . . .
don’t let the next set of challenges stop you from going further!

and let's make something amazing take place next year


  • When does the program start?
  • Will i get any 1:1 support?
  • Do i need to use any specific platforms?
  • Is there a money back guarantee?

You will have access to the group calls, 1:1 sessions, Collective community, plus all other resources and materials from 10th January 2022.

Yes!  This is a hybrid program - although it is run as a group, there are plenty of one-to-one elements built into the program:

1.  You have access to five (5) total 1:1 calls with Emma throughout the program.  You will be able to book your first one in January 2022, so that you can create a strategic roadmap for your focus over the next 12 months

2.  Our weekly Zoom group calls are structured around 'hot seats' - which mean you can get support from Emma on your strategy, talk about any issues that have come up, discuss options to move forward, and generally be supported week to week

3.  You will also have access to Voxer Office Hours once a week - this is where you can drop a voice message over to Emma and discuss anything you have going on that you'd support, insight or feedback on

4.  Each Thursday we run a Mindset Coaching call with coach Christan - this is your chance to get 1:1 coaching around any fears, internal obstacles or anything coming up for your as you grow

For your business functions - no.

One of the benefits (and there are many!) of working with custom-tailored strategies, is that they are completely platform agnostic!

We'll likely make suggestions and recommendations from time to time, depending on your individual needs, but if you have tools you prefer to use, that's great.

This is a 10 month commitment.  Once you join there are no refunds.  If you decide to stop participating in The Empowered Strategy Collective before November 30, 2022, you remain responsible for completing your remaining payments in full.

If you'd like to read the full terms and conditions - you can do so by clicking here.

PS: If you have any questions about The Empowered Strategy Collective - even if you just want to chat about whether it’s the right fit for you
please email hello @ emmaweatherall (dot) com
or drop Emma a message on Instagram @emmaweatherall

I feel like you helped me taste the miracle of actually having revenue and serving real clients doing what I love and am born to do

Jane W. Wang, The Multicultural Hero's Journey

Emma cracked the code in ONE conversation!  She unlocked the clarity I needed to take my business to the next level.

Here’s the backstory, I’ve had an awesome and profitable business for more than a decade but never really felt CONFIDENT about marketing my services . . . even though I sell high-ticket packages, there was just something missing for me.  Well, Emma identified a trait in my ideal clients that I’ve been trying to articulate for years!!!!  Now, it’s like the skies opened up and I have a path forward that I can build on!

Also, Emma pointed out something that made all the difference in helping me see the possibilities in my business strategy. It was about making one tiny shift in my offer. That one shift will create enough space to meet my income goals this year without adding any more time to my schedule AND my clients will get huge value from it. Ummm. YES, please!

Emma’s expertise is undeniable and her strategy is laser-sharp. I can’t wait to work with her again and I’ve already referred her services. Thanks EMMA!!!!

Shawna Burkhart,

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